I am very excited to introduce series of interviews for our EPL TEAM...Today i try to host 3 Etsy artists starting with the first interview...

It is a great chance for me to interview with Robin...That means Robin is a perfcect person,very talented artist and she is a real friend... Whenever i first visited her shop ; i feel myself in a room which is full of flowers...If you are a nature lover , don't miss to visit her shop... Highly recomended!

Robin Maria Pedrero is listed in Florida International Magazine’s 2009 Florida Artists Hall of Fame. Her artwork is in the upcoming 2011 thriller movie “Roommates”. She will be traveling to Berlin for the exhibit Orlando Berlin/Berlin Orlando in 2011. She is an elected signature member of the Pastel Society of America. Her art is a visual journey, where she captures life and simple pleasures applying rhythmic patterns, natural forms and geometrics in translucent layers. She responds to what catches her eyes and heart, drawing and painting with colors, shapes and lines. Charcoal, pastel, graphite, colored pencil, ink, acrylic or oil paint are utilized on various papers, wood, or canvas. She personifies nature through color and movement evoking moods of transition, strength, joy and serenity. 
As a child she could be seen sitting under the trees drawing on a huge chalkboard. She rode her bike where Foxwoods casino now sits near her hometown of Norwich, CT. She began fine art studies at the age of thirteen with her early exhibitions in a seaport town at The Mystic Art Association.  Acknowledged for her luminous landscapes and captivating portraits Pedrero has since become an established award winning artist. Her unique style and expertise with color has her work sought and collected worldwide.  Pedrero works from her home studio in Longwood Florida, enjoying the company of her Shih Tzu Max.
-Where are you originally from?  

-How did you choose the lovely name for your Etsy Shop? 
It is my name

-How did you find Etsy? How long have you been selling on Etsy?  
While Blogging. June 2008 but I did not really work at my shop until October 2008 when I was invited to join a team

-How would you describe your style? Have any other artists etc influenced your style?  
My style is colorful and emotive. Throughout my journey many artists influence my style as my work evolves.

- How did you first come to art and creativity? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?  
I was an artist even as a child. I began to study oil painting when I was 13.

-How long have you been creating?
that you love so much?
My whole life

-What are your main sources of inspiration?  
Nature and relationships

-Have you had any mentors, or are you self taught? Yes, Dori K. Mandel, Dan Truth, Judith Carducci, and many others along my path

-Do you sell more at one time of year than others? Sales are year round as art is not seasonal

-What is one thing about your creative process that you think most people don't know?  
I prefer to work in private, with music, sort of dancing as I paint

-How has life affected your art and art affected your life?
 Life, like health concerns, shipping ease, family and work affects my choice of medium.

-Do you have a favorite item you have made?  
I have many favorites, and continue to gain new ones as I am always creating more. Wander Where the Wind Blows is one of my favorites.

-What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces? 
Often tears of joy, however I am usually most intrigued by the response from authors and wordsmiths, as I speak a visual language and they eloquently and poignantly describe and express my work through words.

-Your message for all of us? Love. When I take time to be in nature I take time to be in the presence of God, the creator.

Best Wishes,
Robin Maria Pedrero

You can stop by her blog here

"It's a pleasure for doing interview with you...
And I am so happy to share this pleasure with you..."

I'm wishing the best for Robin and her family...You are always in my thoughts...

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  1. Wonderful feature! Robin is very talented and a wonderful, creative soul!

  2. Oh MY what an honor to be featured here on your blog! I am so very pleased that my work brings you joy. It is my greatest desire to have people experience deep emotions of love and joy through my art. Thank you Ayca!

  3. I truly enjoy Maria's work. Such vivid color and shapes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. i never seen this artist!
    absolutely amazing!
    this is such a great art!


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