Hello to all !

When the Autumn & Winter is coming shortly...I finished my fall collection and cooparate 
with these nice & smart guys...

I would like to thank all of them...Especially my BEST friend Ayca...
Of course lots of hugs and love to Feyza to push to botton to start and her incredible support...

We are living different cities , but the distance never effect our friendship...So far we are sisters , sharing our ideas , always try to help each other , as a result we completed our fall collection and I hope we succeed...

Tones of thanks again to Ayca by adding an artistic , sophisticated look to my shop...

Isn't it TRUE ???

3 yorum:

  1. Love the new collection! Great photos as well...good luck!

  2. Beautiful collection, awesome pics, I wish you all the success! :D

  3. When I look the photos, I feel sorry because of not attending :(
    But Ayça accomplished it very excellent :)
    thank a lot for your gift :)


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