My creative space

Here's my little creative space and the only place which is not invented by my little daughter...
From here to the world ; 
I spread out peace , love , care and my good wishes with my knit and crochet work...
Special thanks to Etsy...

This is a little window of mine that I can reach to the world and explain my feelings with my handwork...
In a 90 square meter small apartment flat , this is a little space that I can arrange for myself for now...
Hopefully I want to create my handwork and serve in a bigger , proper place...
Of course with your/my dear customers support...

PS:Thanks hubby for this text translation!

7 yorum:

  1. Great post! I know how talented you're!
    You made a lot of creations in your little studio. Finally you decided to share it with your followers and customers.

    Kisses and hugs! :)


  2. How lovely to see where you create all your wonderful pieces :-)

  3. What a lovely and cozy work space you have :)
    And what a cute couple you two are.

    Thanks for sharing this; it is always fun to see how and where other crafter work.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful studio..!! You are very talented...! What a great place to create..!

  5. Such a nice and bright work room, and so organized and neat!
    It's such a happy space. :)

  6. You have a very lovely studio :)


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